A Totally Must for your Pawn Structure Endgame Knowledge

It’s been a while since last time I dropped some lines in here. Indeed, learning to code and trying to be better at chess takes time. For those of you who still follow the blog and —this is a big AND— speak Spanish there’s this article on how I became the city Champ this year.

The chess sub at Reddit is an amazing source of tactical motifs and endgame examples that help you improve your skills and broaden your mind. Just don’t you pay much attention to the infinite number of smothered mates published in there.

Some weeks ago I crossed paths with the following diagram which truly captivated me. I think this is the kind of material that can really help the club player who is trying hard to get those beloved elo points at the next rated tournament.

At first sight the position looks lost for White. At the moment, the black king has the better of it controlling the center and White is unable to create a passed pawn on the queenside which won’t be captured by His Majesty.

But this is only a mirage. White made himself comfortable on his chair and played 1.b5! without worrying too much. In case of 1…axb5 then 2.c6! threatening to promote and after Black plays 2…bxc6 the amazing 3.a5!! winning, as the black king is unable to reach the pawn in time due to the fact that his own pawn is obstructing his path.

But in the starting position, Black can answer 1.b5 with 1…Kd5 preventing the pawn to queen. But again, White continues 2.c6! and wins in a similar fashion (2…bxc6 3.bxa6!). Instead, if Black insists with 2…Kd6 then just 3.cxb7 and 4.bxa6 will do.

For me this is a pawn endgame to memorize in order to improve and punish your next opponent at the club. It will surely help you gain some well-deserved elo points. Good luck!

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