The Bayonet Attack against the Caro Kann Defense

It was not until recently that I had the pleasure to discover the quite instructive chess blog of science writer Dana Mackenzie —two-time Champion of North Carolina State, USA— and read his fine article on the Bayonet Attack against the Caro Kann Defense and the rare occasions it appears at high-class level.

Well, surely Mr Mackenzie must have been excited following the game Vallejo-So for round 3 of the current World Cup at Tbilisi, Georgia, where the Spanish player tried 4.g4 to face Wesley So’s Caro Kann. The Filipino-American picked up the gauntlet with the sharpest 4…Be4 and rapidly build and advantage that liquidated the fight after 30 moves.

No doubt this try against the Caro Kann has its own appeal for an attacker player but I wonder how much it can achieve against a strong Grand Master when the database clearly favours Black. I believe it’s just too hard to fight for the initiative when Black doesn’t take on e6 and plays …Qd6 instead.

Wait a minute, we’re not here to discuss Master’s stuff so let us follow the game together while discussing only what concerns the terrestrial plane of this variation. Anyhow, I encourage you to try the Bayonet Attack against the Caro Kann Defense in your games, it could well bear nice fruits.

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